New book by Helmuth Lemme with lots of tips and tricks for modding your guitar!

Here’s something that every electric guitarist who works on his instruments, or every technician curious about the innards of electric guitars, will appreciate: GITEC-friend (and honorary member) Helmuth Lemme has published another book – this time exclusively in the e-book format. It is titled: Inside Electric Guitars: Pickups, Pots, Switches … and much more incl. […]

Translations continue …

Gitec knowledge book repository sound guitar

Efforts continue to translate the documentation available at GITEC into English language, and to create new content in English, as well. For the time being, the main focus remains on translating Prof. Zollner’s book “Physik der Elektrogitarre” (Physics of the Electric Guitar, abbreviated PotEG). As can be seen from the contents page, we have made quite […]


Gitec knowledge book repository sound guitar

Dear visitor of the new English-language website of GITEC: WELCOME! At GITEC, we found maintaining the two-language website rather cumbersome, and due to the fact that the German contents was not actually mirrored to any substantial degree anyway, we decided to entirely split up the German-language and the English-language websites. So, PLEASE SPREAD THE NEWS […]

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