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Body and … Misconceptions: what PotEG has to say about the influence of the guitar body on the (electric) sound

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7.8 “Specialized” literature poteg-7-8-journalistic-specialties

7.8.1 The fairytales of the primary tone poteg-7-8-1-legend-of-the-primary-tone

7.8.2 “Stratone” poteg-7-8-2-stratone

7.8.3 BS-Journalists poteg-7-8-3-flachjournalismus-(german)

7.9 Does the body wood affect the tone? poteg-7-9-wood-influencing-the-sound—not


7.11 Solid vs. semisolid body poteg-7-11-solid-body-vs-hollow-body


7.14 Damping reduction poteg-7-14-undamping-via-vibration


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