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What PotEG has to say about Neck and Frets of the Guitar

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7.1 The guitar neck poteg-7-1-neck

7.2 The frets poteg-7-2-frets

7.2.1 Fret positions poteg-7-2-1-fret-positions

7.2.3 Fret materials poteg-7-2-2-fret-materials

7.2.3 The Buzz-Feiten-system poteg-7-2-3-buzz-feiten-system

7.3 Neck and string geometry poteg-7-3-geometry-of-strings-&-neck

7.3.1 Angle of headstock and neck poteg-7-3-1-neck-&-headstock-angle

7.3.2 String trees poteg-7-3-2-string-trees

7.4 String dynamics poteg-7-4-string-dynamics

7.4.1 Playing forces poteg-7-4-1-playing-forces

7.4.2 Bearing forces poteg-7-4-2-bearing-forces-at-the-nut


7.13 Neck curvature and fret/string distance (“action”) poteg-7-13-neck-relief

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