The Book “Physics of the Electric Guitar” by Prof. Manfred Zollner

We are in the process of translating the book “Physik der Elektrogitarre” (Physics of the Electric Guitar) into English language. The content listing on the page referring to this book indicates those chapters which have already been translated.


In the framework of GITEC, a large number of scientific articles have been written up and published in German language on a number of topics from the very practical (e.g. on loudspeaker cables, or on life and death of batteries) to the highly theoretical (e.g. on stochastic signals). There are also reports on listening experiments and projects by members of GITEC. If you speak (some) German, it might be of interest to check out the list of articles published to date in German that can be found here – most of the articles are available in their full extent only to members of GITEC, though.

We have started to translate articles (plus reports on member projects) – the translations hold the complete article; they are free of charge. These articles are thematically linked within the knowledge base, but we sought to have a consolidated listing here, as well.

As we find time and capacity, more articles and reports on projects will be made available in English.

Scientific Articles & Reports in English language

Here are the scientific articles presently available in English:

  • From Bernd Meiser’s “Effect-ive” series of articles:

Also in English language available is a a listening experiment on the significance of tone-woods in the (electric) sound of solid-body guitars. It is to be found on this dedicated page.

Moreover, GITEC collects reports from projects done by members (full collection in German here). At present two such reports are available in English:

For these two projects, there are also a few audio examples:


Collection of Examples for the Sound of a Leslie speaker when used for guitar

For a presentation a the GITEC Meeting 2020, I put together a number of sound snippets that exemplify the sound of a Leslie speaker when used for guitar. It can be found here – together with a list of information sources about the Leslie. I might translate the presentation at some point and post it here, as well.

Collection of Animations

Sometimes it is difficult to visualize what’s happening in physics because the processes are very fast (such as vibrations of a string, or of a loudspeaker membrane), or because they are invisible to the eye (such magnetic and electric fields). To assist in understanding and visualizing these processes, a collection of suitable animations can be found here!


Collection of Catalogs and Service Manuals

Over the years, I have come into the possession of some catalogs and service documents by various companies that may be of interest to some readers – and that I have not seen elsewhere. I will post scans of them here as I get around to do it.

1980 Fender Service Documents


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